Service Overview

Our Telecom Services Include Wholesale VOIP Termination & Origination. Here is Key Features :

  • Quality and stable direct routes
  • Least cost routing and first routing
  • 24*7 Support Through IM, Phone, Skype
  • Online Pricing
  • Best Quality of Service (QoS) for all customers
  • Join us and discover the power and profitability of the BridgeNexustel VoIP Reseller Program! Here is Key Features :

  • Competitive market rates
  • Stable Route termination
  • We provide Call detail records (CDR) Logins
  • Calling card service
  • IP-telephony
  • Wide range of destinations
  • BridgeNexustel VOIP Call Shop Solutions. All-In-One Solution for VoIP and PSTN call shop owners. Here is Key Features :

  • Solution integrates the billing and call routing in single platform using web interface, which provides different levels of accessing for administrators , resellers and end users
  • Toll free number service
  • DID distribution
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